Measurement & Media Activation For Digital Video Advertising

Measure What The Competition Is Doing & How You Compare

Capture Audience Attention For Social Videos

Launch Media Strategies With Ad Formats Designed For Interaction

Optimize Campaigns Automatically, In Real-Time

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Online Video: The Game Has Changed

The digital video ecosystem is growing more complex every day. In the past, YouTube was the only game in town. The platform’s dominance made it easy to understand how your videos were performing- but it’s not that simple any more. The rise of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and other social video platforms means audiences are no longer engaging with videos in a single location, but in multiple places throughout their daily use of the internet. This makes it increasingly difficult to keep track of and optimize the performance of video campaigns.

Audience Attention: Beyond “Views”

Are audiences spending enough time with your video to remember it? Do they have an opportunity to interact or are they just glancing over it? Measuring “views” alone doesn’t cut it anymore. Where once tallying up a single view counter was acceptable, each social video platform has their own definition of what constitutes a “view”. To find meaning, the conversation must move beyond views and toward Attention: Views and Time spent engaging with content.

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Simplifying Video Through Unique Insights

At Visible Measures, we make it easy to understand digital video trends. With over 10 years collecting and analyzing viewership for 320MM+ videos across multiple platforms, we’re uniquely suited to simplify this enormous data set. Whether you are planning a media buy or just want to monitor trends for an advertising vertical, we provide insights that are helpful, not confusing.

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Media That Cuts Through The Noise

The modern marketer’s mission is twofold: create the best content and get audiences to pay attention. But as users digest more media across more platforms, screens, and formats than ever before, advertisers are challenged to break through the noise. So how do you get consumers to pay attention?

Visible Measures’ ad formats are uniquely designed to guarantee consumer attention across top Social & Video Platforms, in addition to increasing your reach to over 600 thousand properties.

Your branded content placed in viewable and brand safe environments

At least one consumer interaction or 30 seconds of attention per view

Controlled targeting via content, audience segment, device, and more

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