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Visible Measures / April 17, 2009

There have been moments in the history of viral video when it seems as if the whole world unites around one phenomenon. Evolution of Dance is one. Bush’s infamous battle with an Iraqi journalist’s shoes is another. For the past week, we’ve been marveling at the popularity of the latest star of viral video – the unassuming, unexpectedly talented Susan Boyle of Britain’s Got Talent.

Susan Boyle’s Got Talent

As you can see, Susan enchanted the audience and judges of Britain’s Got Talent with her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream from the musical Les Miserables. Since then, the video of her performance has spread throughout the viral video world. People have been asking us about how popular this performance has become over the past couple days. Today, using our Viral Reach Database, we have the answer.

We have identified well over 200 unique videos (!!) related to Susan’s performance. These clips have generated more than 47.7 million views (!!) and 125,000+ comments (!!). Did we mention that she did this in less than one (!!) week?

With interviews of the 47-year-old Scottish singer coming out by the bunches, the story, and its correlating viral video views, appear only to be getting larger by the day. The videos attracted 7.5 million views on Wednesday alone. Yesterday, that figure jumped to nearly 14 million (!!).

To put this into perspective, we need to look at some of the other viral video heavy hitters: 

As of today, Bush vs. Shoes has kicked up 33.2 million views. Tina Fey’s spot-on impression of Sarah Palin, supported by Amy Poehler’s unnerved Hillary Clinton, has raked in 34.2 million. President Obama’s historic victory speech on election night has picked up 18.5 million. The humble — and previously unknown — Susan Boyle, in less than one week, has trumped them all with more than 47.7 million views.

We’ll leave it to other, more-qualified pundits to comment on what this means for the state of entertainment. From our perspective, the runaway viral video success of Susan Boyle’s performance is yet another indicator that the online video industry is incredibly dynamic, rich with opportunity, chock-full of data, and a veritable gold mine of undiscovered insights. 

The data used in this post was collected from our Viral Reach Database, a constantly growing video repository of analytic data on 100+ million Internet videos from 150+ video-sharing destinations.

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