Visible Measures and VivaKi Crack the Code on Earned Media

Visible Measures / April 29, 2013

Let’s face it, it’s been difficult for brands to figure out viral videos. The biggest challenge in planning for video campaigns is the earned media component because audiences have choice in when and where they watch branded videos and whether or not they share them. So up to now, planning, projecting, and launching a successful viral campaign has taken some guesswork. But today that changes.

In an exclusive partnership with VivaKi, Visible Measures is empowering Publicis Groupe agencies – and taking the speculation out of viral campaigns and earned media – with a new, online video planning platform called CONTAGION.

CONTAGION is the industry’s first earned media planning and measurement application for video campaigns. Co-developed with Starcom MediaVest Groupe (SMG), it builds on more than six years of our video data —10,000 video campaigns, 500 million videos, and 3 trillion video views — to provide planners and buyers the ability to plan and project video campaign performance across paid, earned, and owned media.

“When we started to think about earned media in video, there was a huge gap for our planners to plan it strategically,” Kate Sirkin, SMG’s global research chief, told MediaPost. “It was thought of as the icing on the cake. If it was good, it was good. If it was bad, it wasn’t part of the main thing that we were doing. What we’re doing with Contagion is really planning earned strategically, and being able to optimize it the way we plan and optimize other media.”

MediaPost compares the new platform to the move in the mid-1990s to optimize TV, which Sirkin also played a role in. She struck the first agency deal with Nielsen to license its audience data for optimization systems. 

CONTAGION allows users to project performance based on different campaign scenarios. Agencies can change campaign variables like budget, offline and online channel mix, and site list to determine how these factors changes affect the campaign’s performance. All of this allows brands to plan for the complete performance of a video campaign across paid, earned, and owned media in one place.

“In media planning for predictable media you buy a bunch of impressions and you level-load it across TV, or portals or search buys, and it’s predictable in the sense that you bought it across time period and it delivers what it delivers,” Seraj Bharwani, Chief Analytics Officer at Visible Measures told MediaPost. “But Because video campaigns can be distributed through social media, the only way to gain control of earned media is to model data on consumer behavior.”

CONTAGION is based on blocks of logic, according to Bharwani: the creative, the publishing content associated with brand’s video (i.e. the Super Bowl or Oscars), and paid media. Bharwani says that based on this, CONTAGION can plan the earned media contribution of an online video campaign within a 15 – 20% deviation.

Currently, the CONTAGION product is offered exclusively to Publicis Groupe agencies (inclusive of VivaKi’s Audience on Demand addressable media platform). After a year, it will be made available to the wider marketplace. Within the next year, CONTAGION, which is a US-centric product, will potentially roll out to other markets.

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