Visible Measures Launches Fabric, The First Demand Side Platform for Content Marketers

Mallory Russell / May 1, 2014

Fabric_CreateCampaignVisible Measures today announced the release of Fabric, the market’s first demand-side platform for content marketers.

Fabric creates engagement by connecting Visible Measures’ data and campaign benchmarks with its proprietary inventory, third-party suppliers, and earned media planning tools.

“With the pairing of our data footprint, the broadest in the industry, and new media opportunities such as native, Fabric helps content marketers place their content in the most integrated, non-disruptive experiences,” said Visible Measures CEO Brian Shin. “When marketers control their campaigns with this self-service offering, they can make sure that their great content is put in front of consumers, where they can choose to view it, engage with it, and share it.”

The advertising world is buzzing with news of programmatic offerings like this. But Fabric has two important features that sets it apart for brands, agencies, trading desks, and publishers:

FIRST, Fabric is specifically designed for brand marketers to buy consumer engagement.

Fabric_Reporting-Devices_VMCToday’s media landscape is fragmented and, because of that, consumers have more choice and control over what they consume than ever before. It’s not enough for brands to just put a message in front of viewers. Now it is essential to engage viewers, preferably with non-disruptive media.

The benefits of engagement are well documented. Engaged viewers, for example, are more likely to share the content they are watching. A study by Visible Measures and Insight Express showed that an earned view – one that is the result of such sharing – is, on average, 40% more valuable than a paid view in its ability to drive brand consideration and purchase intent. And in addition to brand consideration and purchase intent, engaged viewers have higher brand awareness and recall.

So how does Fabric help marketers buy consumer engagement?

It uses Visible Measures data – which includes 3 trillion video views – as a baseline to inform what creates earned media and engagement. And, unlike traditional DSPs, Fabric focuses on native experiences and other consumer opt-in media such as skippable in-stream ads, where buyers are only charged when consumers engage with at least 30 seconds of their video advertising.

SECOND, Fabric puts brands, agencies, trading desks, and publishers in control of their campaigns. It allows them to plan, manage, and optimize their campaigns for brand engagement through a programmatic self-service interface.

Fabric_Reporting-Creatives_VMCWe have seen an explosion of branded video over the past five years. From 2009 to 2013, branded video was viewed more than 19 billion times. Brands and agencies are getting more sophisticated in the kind of creative they produce for branded video viewers and the means by which they distribute it. The next step is scaling branded video and using technology that allow for more control over results.

A self-service platform like Fabric answers marketers need for more control and faster, more efficient ways to run campaigns. Fabric partners like VivaKi’s Audience on Demand are able pair their unique internal expertise and Visible Measures’ tools and data to drive better results.

“Visible Measures has been a long-time innovator in the video space and we’ve been fortunate to partner with them across many of their pioneering efforts to more effectively measure and predict earned media,” said Sean Kegelman, VivaKi’s EVP AOD Product & Commercial Strategy. “Now, Fabric is empowering VivaKi’s AOD team to drive brand engagement for owned assets, while generating maximum positive returns and earned media.”

Fabric is a natural evolution for Visible Measures. Founded as a measurement and analytics company, it subsequently developed a choice-based video network and delivery platform driven by its consumer and campaign insights. Fabric is simply the opening up this platform and advertising model to a larger public. The company will continue to evolve Fabric over the coming months to ensure brands are only running in viewable placements.

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