True Reach Combines YouTube and Facebook Video Viewership for the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Video Metric

Mallory Russell / January 26, 2015

For years, the YouTube view counter has been that by which branded video success is judged. But the recent unveiling of public video data on Facebook has shown that YouTube is not the only platform where brands are posting videos or consumers are watching them. Thus, a brand that measures viewership only by the YouTube view counter – or any other single platform – is only measuring a fraction of its campaign performance.

So how should brands be measuring their video viewership?

The True Reach® viewership metric provides the most reliable way to quantify viewership associated with online videos by aggregating viewership of a brand’s video content across the web. You’ve probably seen True Reach in action before; it powers the Ad Age Viral Video Chart, The Wall Street Journal Video of the Week, and the Automotive News Viral Traction Chart, among others.

True Reach combines the views of a brand’s original video with related user-uploaded content on hundreds of the web’s most visited video sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and AOL. True Reach includes copies, remixes, mashups, shares, and embeds of a video and is unique in that it captures earned viewership as well as paid and owned viewership.

The inclusion of so many video platforms in one metric provides the most complete picture of a branded video campaign’s impact, something that has often eluded marketers, especially those who rely solely on one site’s viewership metrics, according to Visible Measures CEO Brian Shin.

“Understanding the impact of a video content advertising campaign is analogous to measuring box office results; a film wouldn’t measure success by the results of one theater chain, but rather would look at performance across all venues. Only True Reach provides comprehensive measurement across all points of consumption, the importance of which has only increased with the rise of Facebook as a video distribution channel,” said Shin.

Brand marketers are increasingly looking toward True Reach to measure the true impact of their video content advertising efforts.

One of the best examples of the power of True Reach is Volvo Truck’s viral sensation Epic Split. Were Volvo Trucks to gage the success of Epic Split only by the YouTube counter, it would think it was viewed only 77.3 million times. The True Reach viewership of the campaign – which accounts for 697 clips across 6 sites – clocks in at 139.7 million. That’s a 62.4 million-view difference that is only measured by True Reach.

Now the general public will have access to this branded video performance metric at Visit the site and see the most recently uploaded campaigns on the home page, or type in a specific campaign or brand to see how it is performing.

Here’s a little more about True Reach:



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