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Reach people who press play

We are experiencing a major shift in consumer behavior. Brands don’t decide what consumers watch. Consumers have choice, and they want to watch content that’s relevant to them. 


We know why people choose to engage with content.

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Get viewers to choose your videos

Consumers don’t want brands to force messages on them, they want to choose the messages they see. Branded video allows consumers to engage with your brand, and engagement creates advocates. That’s why we don’t serve ads — we deliver branded video.

We leverage our proprietary data to inform the creative process and produce compelling video – the kind that consumers connect with most. Then, we work with more than 1,100 publishers to distribute that video so that the right people see it.

We put your content in front of the right audience with paid media, so qualified consumers can watch and share it with others who will do the same. By measuring these earned views, as well as the paid and owned views, we increase your earned media lift and drive media efficiency.


We distribute your content using our suite of choice-based products.

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Deliver views, not impressions

Traditional advertising measures success in impressions. We’re not traditional – we measure success in views. For every one of the 3+ trillion views we’ve measured, someone has chosen to press play. And because of this, we know how consumers engage with content.

We measure the entire video spectrum – paid, earned, and owned media. It’s what we call True Reach®, and it’s the only MRC-accredited viewership and earned media metric in the industry.


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