Airbnb Finds a Brand Moment in an Historic Anniversary

Mallory A. Russell / November 10, 2014

The world celebrated the 25th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall yesterday. If you were watching TV yesterday, you know that there was no shortage of news stories about the historic day. Amongst all of this programming, however, was a different type of Berlin Wall story: an ad for Airbnb based on a true story of a West German border guard. Read More

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Inside the Millennial Wallet: What Will Payments Look Like in 5 Years?

Mallory A. Russell / November 4, 2014

Traditional methods of exchanging cash for goods and services are changing as technology evolves. Younger generations are using cash less and less. A study from JWT, "The Future of Payments and Currency," shows that 70% of Millennials think that the ways we may for things now will be totally different only five years from now. Read More

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