No Sponsorship Needed. How Brands Are Making the Super Bowl Work for Them

Mallory A. Russell / January 30, 2015

Based on tactics that were used in previous games and the technological developments that have been leveraged in advertising over this past year, we’re seeing brands adhere to some interesting trends in order to make their campaign stand out among the Super Bowl noise. Read More

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Super Bowl 2014’s Top 10 Campaigns Show Brands What It Takes To Win in 2015

Mallory A. Russell / January 29, 2015

Making the all time Super Bowl list is a great goal for any brand, but, more immediately, what will it take to win the Super Bowl this year? The best way to determine how much viewership it will take to win the Super Bowl this year is to look at the top 10 Super Bowl campaigns from last year. Read More

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Doritos and Volkswagen Reign As the Most Viewed Super Bowl Brands

Mallory A. Russell / January 28, 2015

In anticipation of Super Bowl this Sunday, we’ve looked at the most successful Super Bowl brands in video content advertising. Year after year, these brands develop creative that tells a story so captivating that viewers continue to watch it not only in the weeks after the game, but also throughout the rest of the year. Read More

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Goodby Silverstein & Partners Leads the Top 10 Super Bowl Agencies List

Mallory A. Russell / January 28, 2015

We spend a lot of time talking about and ranking the campaigns and brands that score big during the Super Bowl. But it’s the ad agencies that provide the creative muscle – from inception through production – that not only make our favorite Super Bowl campaigns possible, but also so memorable. Read More

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INFOGRAPHIC: Here are the Creative Trends of 2015, According to Shutterstock

Mallory A. Russell / January 26, 2015

The web is a visual place. It's also a place where, increasingly, brands can connect with their consumers. Thus, it's important that brands are creating visual content that will speak to a digital audience. And every January, Shutterstock issues its predictions for the top creative trends of the year. Read More

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