We Know How 380 Million Viewers
Engage with Video


Give them more of what they want to watch

Online audiences have more choice than ever. With our platform, we help them choose you, by delivering the most engaging branded video experience possible. And we have the data to prove it.


We know why people choose to engage with content.

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Create and sell choice-based video inventory

Viewers prefer a choice-based video experience by 2 to 1. And with our suite of choice-based products, that’s exactly what we deliver for you.

Our choice-based products will help you create new revenue streams and maximize existing ones. Plus, with our real-time audience insights and high-quality, relevant branded video for your inventory, we help you create a better experience for your audiences.


Turnkey access to newest and best performing video ad formats.

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Maximize revenue

We get it. It all comes down to revenue.

We’ve been the leader in the branded video measurement for more than seven years, so we know what it takes to engage audiences and drive incremental revenue from choice-based branded video.

This means that you can leverage our platform by taking actionable audience insights to sell more branded content, increasing your share of advertising, and ultimately, get the recognition and revenue you deserve. 


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